Çelikkol has been operating in hydraulic and pneumatic sector since foundation in Konya in 1998. Çelikkol is a company that works towards solutions, integrates creative team spirit and teamwork, shows its difference by making difference. Çelikkol Hydraulic ,who is proud of its team thanks to its works done, is not a follower of innovation, but a pioneer and continues to be a pioneer of innovation. We see large, medium, small companies that we work with as a part of the team spirit, not as our customers.

Our Mission

Our business knowledge is designed to help our customers to improve their productivity, bring technologic products in use to provide competitive advantage in high quality, robust and quick way at a great price.

Our Vision

*Adopting the Total Quality Manner 
* Working for difference and plus value of service  
* Keeping up with development and change  
* Being customer-focused and result-oriented
* Act with corporate social responsibility
*Taking the ‘’People first’’ understanding as a fundamental principle

Is it possible to be successful for the one who dislikes and disrespects to its job? We love our job and are reborn on every project with the excitement of our first day. We know how important the work we do is. Not because of having no other work to do, but we are here because this is the best we do.
One who doesn’t know what to do, that doesn’t know how to do it neither! All of our successful business is backed by a good project. That is one of the secrets of our success.
Working for us is not a time gap trapped between working hours, but a step on the way we move on to our goal. If you already like your job, you will not be too tired to ascend.